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Housing and meal support

Community AIDS Action Group

of South Central Indiana

The Community AIDS Action Group needs YOU!

We would like to learn more about how people from your area get to their healthcare appointments.

Are you older than 18?
Are you a person living with HIV?
Do you need to travel outside of your community for healthcare?

If so, we would like to invite you to participate in an online survey!

After completing the survey, you will enter a drawing for a $50 gift card (1 in 30 chances of winning).

For more information, please call or email: 812-416-0038 /

About CAAG

The CAAG is a coalition of member agencies and individuals who network to address HIV/AIDS locally and globally. Primarily a prevention mechanism, the CAAG also assists agencies in their support of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. The CAAG is also responsible for distributing state-provided funds to assist HIV/AIDS-related organizations in the dispatch of their individual missions.

Get Involved In The Commumnity

Interested in joining the CAAG? Join us at our monthly open meetings, held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm at Positive Link. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join our discussions on how to best serve our HIV community.

Partners and Events

CAAG Terre Haute
CAAG Terre Haute
South Central Indiana AIDS Walk

Contribute to the community

All proceeds benefit the Community AIDS Action Group and help fund prevention and education outreach. Your donation also benefits the Positive Link foundation and helps fund care coordination for those living with HIV.

Learn About Positive Link

The Community AIDS Action Group of South Central Indiana offers linkage to testing and care, as well as prevention solutions to any person that is infected with HIV, or is at risk of being infected by HIV. The CAAG works with Positive Link, a program of Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Community Health, to provide a continuum of services to the community to address the health and well-being of those living with or at risk for HIV. 

With HIV

Engaged or
Retained In Care

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